Melodic Death Black Metal from Sweden.
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Hail to all fans and supporters, old and new. We are grateful that you are following our journey in the realm of Sacramentum and the Shadow of Oblivion...
And yes, we are working on new music and releases. Everything has its time so be patient.


Nisse Karlén - vocals | IG: @nikanorium
Anders Brolycke - guitar
Tobias Kellgren - drums
Jonas Blom - guitar
Robert Axelsson - bass


Full albums

Thy Black Destiny (1999)
The Coming of Chaos (1997)
Far Away From The Sun (1996)

Mini albums / EP / Singles

Finis Malorum (1994)

+ reissues, compilations, demos etc.

For licensing questions contact Century Media Records (Thy Black Destiny, The Coming of Chaos) and/or Sacramentum regarding Far Away From The Sun and other releases.


New official licensed merchandise is posted on regular basis at our facebook page.
Exclusive merchandise will be available at our live shows.
We plan to sell some official merchandise via our own channels asap!

We often get questions about merchandise licensing. Serious merchandise partners can contact us via mail so we can see if we can work together.
Bootleggers (especially if we do not receive any copies) and flippers can fuck off!!!

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